Gabriel Orłowski

“I slide my tongue over my teeth. Its rough surface reminds me of the organic nature of my body. The metabolism of my skeletal tissue is clearly slower. Osteoporosis has set in throughout the bone structure. A chipped piece juts out. I can feel a few worn-out spots. Cavities mark the center: black and decaying. There’s nothing to distract me. Full depth of field. Murmurs and gently flowing air bring a little movement to this phase space. Old caries resonate well, and there’s still a high degree of mobility. Shapes grow simpler, textures acquire a flat, neutral color. The surface deteriorates along with the layers below, in a random act of vandalism. The varnish peels off, the coating is shed. I watch the decay with a euphemistic eye. The camera turns to the lazy viewers, wandering aimlessly. What was once a gold tooth reveals its lead filling. Sooner or later, you always find out if it’s a knock-off. No problem. Impermanence breeds new intensities. The thermodynamic machine shifts from one state to another, and the parameters preserve themselves”.