Jakub Czyszczoń

Facing the paintings of Jakub Czyszczon, eyes can’t find peace, won’t capture the whole imagery, won’t recognize the motives, won’t find a convenient comparison, neither it won’t come to a synthetic judgement.

It is difficult to analyze individual decisions of the painter, in fact they have been dispersed, propagated and distributed, miniaturized and repeatedly mixed by the subtle segmentations.They are neither the result of a composition or improvisation, they do not involve long-term memory reconstruction processes, or release of short-term memory, so it is not neither remembering nor forgetting. Czyszczoń’s painting practice is a kind of carefully conducted micro-explosions which produce an image of painting matter in state of highly energy saturated movement. The painter methodically operates with the detail and the detail of detail multiplied evenly in all directions at once, both in the plan of the surface and into the successive layers of scratched paint and layered glazes. Following these micro-events with increasing intensity one can see their movement: continuous, with no beginning, direction and purpose, without a starting point and no destination.

Jakub Bąk