Śmierć człowieka

Ada Zielińska

Adults’ desire to demolish and destroy, or to put themselves in dangerous situations, is a result of social pressure and a surfeit of false, imposed values. Staging dangerous situations in order to achieve relief and excitement is a way of taming that dysfunction. This practice forms the foundation of Ada Zielińska’s work.

The exhibition Let it Die at the Śmierć Człowieka Gallery features, untypically for Zielińska, a short series of large-format photographs that reveal this immaterial destruction. Her depictions of staged events transport the destructive elements onto the aesthetic and receptive plane, producing powerful, personal image-objects that eschew narrative. This technique has much in common with with alienart, a genre in which objects appear to be created by non-humans. One might think that pure photography is too entangled in our human reality to achieve such an effect, yet Zielińska has managed to do so. The homogeneity and sterility of the display only compound this sense of estrangement.