Pola Magnetyczne

Robert Szczerbowski

Robert Szczerbowski’s œuvre (born 1959, Poznań) is usually divided into two periods: the literary period, which began in the late 1970s and during which the artist produced postmodern prose, and the visual art period, which started in the mid-1990s and features objects, installations, paintings, and films associated with conceptual art. Immortal revisits this latter stage, displaying selected turn-of-the-century artworks that emphasize themes and artistic strategies present in his literary works.

The frame narratives, anonymity, and anti-inspirational methodologies used in Szczerbowski’s writing translate into his visual art, extending his reflection on the dreams and anxieties of humans in the digital age. The forms referenced by Szczerbowski immediately before and after the new millennium encompass a broad range of human history, in which Dante grapples with Gutenberg and the language of machines, medieval memento mori accompany “cybercanvases” fashioned after computer-generated fractals, and Malevich’s black square meets psychedelic art.