Le Guern

Paweł Matyszewski

Bliss & Harm Paweł Matyszewski’s first solo exhibition at the Le Guern Gallery, is a personal statement comprising paintings, objects and installations that reveal the artist’s fascination with nature. The show spills out of the gallery space and into the garden, where Matyszewski has intervened by introducing his own selection of plants.

Paweł Matyszewski’s creative efforts span the divide between art and nature. He creates objects and installations by shaping organic tissue into the desired form. He then recreates these elements in his paintings, at times with naturalistic precision that resonates on the line between the abstract and realism. He frequently moves from one extreme to another, consistently studying themes of corporeality, psychosexual identity and eroticism, as well as existence and passing, exploring them in the context of life’s dependences on the natural cycle of birth and death. Paweł Matyszewski’s work reminds us at once of the vitality of nature and the fragility of life and matter. The titular instances of bliss and harm underscore the ambivalent nature of these phenomena and experiences.