Fort Institute of Photography

Yulia Krivich, Michał Iwanowski

Curators: Agnieszka Pajączkowska, Krzysztof Miękus

The Fort Institute of Photography brings together two photo projects: Yulia Krivich’s Daring & Youth and Michał Iwanowski’s Go home, Polish (première). The two artists take different approaches to the same topic: the rise of xenophobia and the growing prevalence of racist and fascist views in Europe. Krivich, a Ukrainian living in Poland, observes and documents the daily life of a hard-right Ukrainian gang of young veterans of the war in the Donbass. Meanwhile, Iwanowski, a Pole who had, until recently, resided in Wales, is carrying out the demands posed by an anonymous graffiti spotted in Cardiff: “Go home, Polish.” He is now traveling on foot from Wales to his mother’s home in Poland, asking the people he encounters along the way: “Where is home?”.

These projects do not directly address the themes of war, nationality or borders. Nor are they simply statements about image, identity, social media, or even modern-day migration. Yet all of these themes and concepts hover and collide in the space between the two personal projects, juxtaposed in one gallery located between the East and West of Europe.