Maja Kitajewska, Andrzej Szewczyk

Andrzej Szewczyk and Maja Kitajewska have taken an experimental approach to the physical matter of art, allowing each artist to develop a unique visual style. Their work is guided by a balanced interest in the conceptual dimension of the artwork and its sensual form. The cornerstone of their artistic method is repetition. Szewczyk’s pieces comprise dozens of colored pencil stubs, pistachio shells or stamped lead points, obsessively chained together into mysterious inscriptions or impossible script, its composition resembling the structure of text. Kitajewska embroiders her canvases with sequins and glass beads, combining glimmering textures with the aura surrounding ambiguous objects. A notable aspect of both artists’ work is their erotic series: Szewczyk applies the term to the pieces which he has covered with pistachio shells and golden pain, frequently on a blue background, while Kitajewska’s erotic artworks are miniatures of eighteenth-century classics of the genre, embroidered with glass beads. In both cases, the glimmer of the picture and the sensuousness of its matter bring to mind the desire evoked by the sight of jewels and the curiosity sparked by encrypted meanings.