Dominika Kowynia

Double Bind is a solo exhibition of art by Dominika Kowynia, specially prepared for this edition of WGW by the Szara Gallery in Katowice.

Kowynia creates figurative oil paintings. Her work explores the space where personal experiences intersect with current events, recent history and literature. The titular “double bind” refers to the event in which we receive mixed signals from a loved one, and applies in particular to the feminist context. An example could be when a woman’s job requires her to be intensely competitive, while at once demanding that she display the stereotypically feminine quality of gentleness. This bind, one that is difficult to untie in the real world, provides an inspiring starting point for images whose purpose, naturally, is not to illustrate the problem. Angry pacing, thoughts abandoned at the critical moment, plot twists, and more knots. Paintings that, unlike real life, are governed by their own set of rules. They can be battlefields for skirmishes with no victor, or places where alternative possibilities take shape. Or they can be mental exercises that teach us to find viable moves in stalemate positions.