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Teresa Tyszkiewicz

The artist behind these visually spectacular pictures and composition describes her artistic practice as guided by emotions. She incessantly performs herself on canvas, in sculpture, and through drawings, photographs and film. Most of the monumental pictures are made with metal pins, the artist’s material of choice since the late 1970s. Tyszkiewicz inserts hundreds of thousands of pins into the surface of paper, canvas, sheet metal and photographs, combining methodical repetitiveness with the expressive gesture of piercing various forms of matter. The vast surfaces covered with rhythmically glistening pins are an ongoing record of her emotions. The artist brings up her own, often very intimate, experiences in her films, as well, performing improvised pieces-to-camera that document subjective experiences and evade the grasp of logical reason.

The fundamental medium of expression in her films and photographs is the her body itself. She employs a repertoire of erotic and fetishistic references that emancipate female sexuality. Using a range of objects and matter, she stages situations in which the sensual borders on the masochistic.