Foksal Gallery Foundation

Paweł Althamer, Robert Anton

The Foksal Gallery Foundation will be presenting two exhibitions in parallel at WGW 2018. The first, prepared by Anka Kempkes, presents the work of the late New York puppeteer Robert Anton (1949–1984). Executed with the precision of a jeweler, using garbage collected from the streets, his miniature puppets depict people spotted by the artist in Verdi Square Park, a neighborhood that was home to opera singers and drug addicts in the 1970s. In his theater work, Anton took inspiration from Broadway musicals, Fellini films and theater productions he recalled from his childhood. Among his collaborators were La MaMa and Peter Brook.

The other exhibition showcases a new sculpture by Paweł Althamer. Inspired by a dream, Althamer sculpted a small ceramic figure of a bull, which he then scaled up to larger-than-life proportions in the studio. The sculpture is made of metal, plaster, animal bones and leather. The artists encourages viewers to mount the piece.

An associative link exists between the two exhibitions. Throughout his artistic career, Paweł Althamer has regarded puppets as artistic objects. In both instances, the matter of scale is also important: one involves a theater that fits into a suitcase, while the other takes a miniature ceramic piece and blows it up to a monumental sculpture.