Ksenia Bilyk, Jan Blok, Miška Bočkariov, Andrij Bojko, Jura Kanevski, Jura Kudrik, Dima Tolkačov, Ihor Okuniev, Vova Vorotniov

Curators: Vova Vorotniov, Janek Zamoyski

Young art in Ukraine is still seen by many in the country and abroad as a kind of message to the world, or at least a desire to generate one: a message about its “novelty,” being “world class,” whatever that means, and a message that forces this art to adapt to the universal market of culture. However, some of us can challenge this disposition by adopting a negative stance towards the global situation in art today. Consider the declining relevance of traditional cultural centers. Those who once enjoyed the comfortable seat of their “geo/meta position” now find the chair knocked out from under them. Communication has shifted to the Internet, turning the traditional megalopolis into a village with all its offline institutions. The commercial populism of the museum is another obstacle for the honest global artist to overcome. For many, this spells the end of the positivist post-Cold War era, among others.

The exhibition OUTarky / For Us By Us is a brief look at a heterogeneous group of Ukrainian artists with diverse practices, who express a certain level of introverted autonomy, oppose the dictatorship of the genre, and act with some degree of indifference to their careers.

Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.