BWA Warszawa

Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Jan Dobkowski, Zuza Krajewska

Purely physical infatuation. A profound bond with one’s beloved, nurtured for over half a century. Erotic and magical themes. Three individual approaches to the female body. For Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Jan Dobkowski and Zuza Krajewska, this body is unrestrained, accepted and loved. Brzeżańska’s “fluvial” jacquards (1972) hum with vital energy, while her ceramic busts resemble ancient vessels unearthed after thousands of years. Like Source, a small model fountain made of clay, they might have been used in the fertility rites of some long-forgotten religion.

Krajewska’s Graceful. Botero Girls (1975) is a series of monumental-scale photographs taken at Polish beaches. They are inspired by the iconic beauty of the prehistoric Venus of Willendorf and the women painted by Rubens and Botero.

Jan Dobkowski (1942) is an artist whose paintings have, for well over a century, evoked erotic associations. The series “Omniexistent” is a visual hymn to the artist’s wife, a depiction of unbridled femininity.

Goddesses combines faith in the power of corporeality with resistance against the politicization of the discourse surrounding the female body.